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Welcome to Peters Health Products AND Health Clinic

Welcome to Peters Health Products AND Health Clinic

Welcome to Peters Health Products AND Health ClinicWelcome to Peters Health Products AND Health Clinic


Vitamins, do you need them?

It is now well recorded that long term deficiencies in certain nutrients can make you more susceptible to chronic disease but many of us take supplements without knowing if we need them or not. 

Through my Bioresonance equipment at the Knowle clinic, I can test you for all the major nutrients that your body needs.  No blood is required. I simply connect you to the Bioresonance equipment and I test you against the frequencies of different nutrients.

A full list of what I would normally test in one session is given below. As you can see, I also test your PH (whether your body is too acidic or not) and whether you have enough antioxidants in your system. Both are crucial to your long term health. 

Can calcium and iron be too high?

But it is not only about whether you are deficient in any nutrients, it is also to discover whether levels may be too high. 

For example many women who are taking calcium supplements  because they are concerned about osteoarthritis should also be tested for magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K2. 

These are the nutrients required to get the calcium into the bones. If these nutrients are low (which is quite often the case) then calcium levels in the blood can be too high leading, in some cases, to kidney stones and hardening of the arteries. 

Another example which is often overlooked is iron toxicity in men over 50.  Because of a lack of certain nutrients in the diet – in particular copper - many men (and a smaller number of women) fail to recyle iron and the consequence is that levels get too high..

This is dangerous as it creates a type of ‘rust’ in your body potentially damaging every organ – in particular your liver – and this increases your chance of contracting cancer. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to reduce your iron load if this is found to be an issue for you.  


With regards to most other nutrients, you are far more likely to have low levels and the reason for this is that our food – even if you cook from scratch – contains far less nutrients than years gone by.

An analysis carried out in 1937 on the nutrient values of our fruit and vegetables was discovered recently. A comparison has bee made with the food we eat today. On average, the vitamin and mineral content in our food today is less than 10% of what is was in 1937.

Magnesium is just not in our soil in sufficient quantities any more so unless you supplement you are likely to be low. I very rarely find people have enough magnesium. The same problem applies to selenium. Both minerals are crucial to health and should be supplemented if you are deficient. 

The reality is that there are many assaults on our health these days whether it is from the air, in our foods or from wifi, and most of these are out of our control. This, in my opinion, makes it all the more important for you to look after our health in those areas that you can control.

So if you would like to book a 30 minute appointment to get your nutrients tested, simply phone the clinic on 01564 778089 or e mail us on

Each test costs £45.00.

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