The Bicom Body Check is a very useful tool to help me find energetic in-balances in the body and to find where most of the stresses are. 

It basically saves me time. I don’t always use it but if a client turns up with some mystery symptoms, then the BBC if very useful.  Through the way that it scans, it can cover the whole body very quickly.  It usually takes no more than 10 minutes. 

It supports the work that I do with the Bicom – the main Bioresonance equipment that I use.

The Bicom Body Check (BBC) device is a spin-off from the Russian space programme that was developed at the Department of Medicine, University of Omsk, Siberia. Most of the Russian scientific effort to support their space programme is based in Siberia.

The device involves sitting in front of a receiver with headphones on the head.


The scanner uses the most advanced energy testing available using spectroscopy analysis, magnetic resonance analysis, acoustic resonance analysis and Tomography scanning with no side effects.

The scanning is quick and pain free – with a complete and comprehensive scan taking around 30 minutes. For most of my clients I can usually get enough information from a 10 minute scan. 

As the body is scanned, resulting data is passed back through a sensor and analysed against accepted healthy readings obtained from over 100,000 patients with more than 1,000 health issues. This data can be displayed visually for the patient to see whilst the scan is taking place

Data is then gathered to highlight the degree of stresses in each part of the body.

Body stress areas are identified on a scale of 1 to 6, with 6 being the most stressed. 

Once analysed, a full report is generated and this helps me to work out the best programme for you. The BBC helps me to locate possible problem areas, it does not inform me as to where these problems might be coming from. 

This is where I use other equipment, primarily the Bicom Bioresonance, which helps me to identify pathogens in the body that might be driving the symptoms.