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Welcome to Peters Health Products AND Health Clinic

Welcome to Peters Health Products AND Health Clinic

Welcome to Peters Health Products AND Health ClinicWelcome to Peters Health Products AND Health Clinic

Auto Immune

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 If you have a chronic or auto immune disease then there are reasons for it.

And finding those reasons is the key to finding the right way forward for you.

Too often the treatment for a chronic or auto immune disease is to dampen down or suppress the symptoms without making any reference as to where they came from in the first place.

This is like mopping the floor without turning off the tap.
Treating the symptoms of a disease will not cure it. The key to finding a solution is to get to the causes.

And they are nearly always multi-factorial which is why you need to move on a broad front.

This is where I can help. With the bicom bioresonance equipment that I have, I can test you for most pathogens such as parasites, pathogenic viruses and bacteria, heavy metals and chemicals that are likely be some of the causes of, or at least contributors to, your disease.
This can all be done in the first session with you at no extra cost.

This means you save all the cost of expensive laboratory tests for which you can wait weeks to get the results.

I can also test your antioxidant status, the acid/alkaline balance in your connective tissue and whether your inflammatory markers are higher than they should be.

Also through bioresonance testing I can tell which organs and meridians in the body are under stress.

Once I have all this information I can put together an appropriate programme for you. Quite often I use the bioresonance equipment to treat you but more often than not I use my nutritional therapy experience to draw up a plan that you can follow at home.

To book an appointment you can telephone the clinic on 01564 778089. You can book a 15 minute telephone conversation with me if you need further information. Also you can e mail me on