Treatment Price ListCost per SessionDuration Mins.
Nutritional and Bioresonance therapy£ 95:0090
Follow up fee for above £ 65:0060
Testing for Food Intolerances and inhalation allergies£ 95:0090
Know your fat score £ 40:00 30
Testing for parasites, worms & environmental loads£ 65:0060
Testing for pathogenic bacteria (including Lyme disease)£ 65:0060
Testing for harmful viruses, candida, mould, general fungi and heavy metals £ 65:00
Testing your supplements (do you need them)? £ 65:00



Bioresonance testing.

This is based on German technology and it now plays an important role in supporting my nutritional therapy. It helps me to diagnose therapy blocks which may be causing disease and it also supports and enhances nutritional therapy programmes.  It also allows me to carry out all the tests above in a comfortable and non-invasive way.  You get the results there and then.

To explain a little about bioresonance.   Every substance, and therefore every cell, and every part of the body but also viruses, bacteria, pollen etc emit energy and therefore have a highly specific, typical frequency with an entirely individual characteristic. This is also termed the frequency pattern.  The bioresonance machine I have recently purchased measures these frequencies to test for therapy blocks in the body.  It is done in a non-invasive and comfortable way.  It is extremely accurate and can pick up pathogens in the soft connective tissue – something you can’t do by normal laboratory testing.   Bioresonance testing now plays an important part in supporting my nutritional therapy by helping me to diagnose therapy blocks and underpinning therapy programmes.